Friday, October 29, 2010

New Job in a somewhat unusual place

So I got a new job, a rather unorthodox one at that. Apparently I am now some sort of multitasking security gaurd. Gone are my days of brightly coloured t-shirts, with a sometimes humorous slogan, and undefinable jeans. Hello navy pants, navy jumper, navy tie and BLUE shirt. I love it really though, yes I am once am once again working in one of the strangest places on earth, a tv studio. In particular "The Rumour Room" tv studio which is stranger than most.

For any of you who don't know what it is; The Rumour Room is a television show aimed at young people, beyond that level of explanation I'm not really sure. I used try explaining it to people all of the time but if you can't tell what it is in your own head then it is very hard to vocalise this vagueness. I guess it's an ever changing show. The first part of the show I was involved in was when we started shooting the sketches, loads and loads of sketches and there's still loads being made all of the time, they're quite funny actually, I genuinely find myself laughing out loud or LOLing as you barely younger than me folk like to refer to it as. Another thing we do on the show is music parody songs and music videos. All I seem to be refering to at the moment is my non security gaurd time.

The main studio show itself is where my true skills as defunct member of the secret service really get to shine through (might not be entirely true). I mind the prizes so as they make it to our viewers each week I mean it wouldn't exactly be great if we started sending out a black box with random junk in it. I mind all sorts of prizes, well I think they're prizes I'm not really sure. Last week Dermot asked me to watch a car for him and this week Jarlath had me looking at an ipod (he was showing me a video but I still felt like I was minding it).

One of my cousins , Willie (who also happens to be a security gaurd), got a cameo on the show a few weeks ago when he dragged a shopping obsessed gentleman out of a store. You can see his brilliant scruff grabbing skills at 24.00 at the moment anyway.

Ya well that is the show awfully sumarised, I also do other things there too but they film them so they aren't very imprortant.

You can watch some videos of the show here YOUTUBE

Follow the them here TWITTER or FACEBOOK

If you want to watch the entire show anywhere in the world it's on the RTÉ Player ->HERE<-

Ok amigos I will be back at some stage but for now, Stay classy?

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