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26/04/2010 OMG ROFLMAOOL -- Ya I'm so hip


Is a collection of poor fixing jobs or epic kludges as they are known. This is when people get inventive in solving their problems. Now I know these are supposed to be mocking the methods used but I think some of the things here are just ingenious, So here a few examples from the site

That's the printing method for the iPad, I'm sorry but whoever came up with this deserves a bun or medal or both because its just brilliant.

That is just designed to confuse I think.

That is the budget way of adding atmosphere and ambiance to a room. But with an empty milk carton

For any teachers or Students out there in need of a ruler. I've got to admit I thought using the side of a book in tech drawing was creative. This guy has taken it to a whole other level.

That's there are so many other photos on they and you can find some real gems on that site.

This is a pretty new site which is very simple. All you do is log in using facebook twitter email openid whatever, then tell the world what you like or dislike. There is a slider on the page that you select like or dislike on write in exactly what it is. At the side then you can see what are most popular. So peoples favourite things at the moment include: Bacon, Music, Firefox and Dogs. Whilst some of the most disliked things at the moment are: Politics, Winter, Iceland and School. Its very simple yet very interesting,

Any regular user of the Internet will have at some stage come across a "Downfall" parody video. This is from the German video "Downfall" where Hitler is in the Bunkers in Berlin giving out and over the years people have changed the subtitling along the bottom so as its like he's complaining about up to date events, everything from Xbox live accounts to Michael Jackson's death. These videos have had millions of views and both the Director and Writer of the film have loved all of the attention it has garnered for them. But now Celestin productions, who made the film, have added the clip to Youtube's, Content ID list, which means any video uploaded recognised with the clip will be removed.... Now there was a video about this whole debacle that had about 100 thousand views before getting removed


There have been some changes this week, the most notable being the fact that there no longer is a "become a fan button" it now says "like" on pages. facebook says this is to keep the language of the site altogether far more cohesive. Lets face in real life you wouldn't say I am a fan of "tea" you'd say I like it. Now with all change there has been plenty of opposition but I reckon its falling on deaf ears guys we'll just all have to get used to it.

A new site that was set up in one evening called works as a trend feed, like on twitter except for facebook links. What it does is keeps together all of the popular links people are sending each other on facebook. Because this is so new it could become absolutely massive and a central part of facebook or just die personally I think it will spread like wildfire.

This is Trending

Some groups for the week that has passed:

Ash is disrupting flight plans? Surely that's more of a Team Rocket thing...

who's laughing at peter griffins volcano insurance now huh?

Luckily, my Nimbus 2000 can fly through volcanic ash.

and randomly

I stepped on a corn flake, now I'm a cereal killer


First off today in Celeb news is somebodies birthday today and that is Jason Earles who plays Jackson the teenage brother in Hannah Montana, Why is this so interesting? because he is 33.

Jedward to unveil guitar talent

Apparently Jedward are guitarists. This has come out after they had a pair of unique guitars made for them with Irish flags on by the Scottish company "Freshman Guitars" They have made guitars for Steven Seagal and Kelly Clarkson in the past. The specially made instruments have already been used by the boys on the sell-out X Factor tour.

Sean Kelly, who made the guitars for Jedward, said he was shocked by their musical prowess. The pair played tracks by Green Day while visiting the company's base. Mr Kelly said: "They got two guitars and they both play them. Apparently John was learning by ear in the shop

Lady GaGa

is close to signing a deal to appear as a guest judge on The X Factor this summer, a report claims. She appeared on the show last year but because Dannii is away for the auditions stage due to pregnancy the creators are lining up a series of guest judges this year. It has been reported that she will receive in excess of 100 grand for doing it. But It's Lady Gaga she'll draw a massive audience

Usher's hit Omg

He's saying that he got his inspiration from crowds at football matches. He said he knew it would be a hit in Europe because everyone would relate to it like at a football match. And he credits Black Eyed Peas star, who raps on OMG, with helping him score a hit. He says, "The chants were born in France and sampled by but as soon as I heard them, I thought, 'This sounds like an English football game.' Working with Wil.I.Am is nearly always going to spring a hit though, everything he touches musically turns to gold.

Weird news

A survey carried out around this week by EBS has revealed that kids doing their first holy communion will be getting less cash this year due to the recession. The average amount perceived as being appropriate to give a child making their first communion has fallen in the past 12 months to 37 euros from 50 euros last year. It is estimated that a child will receive on average more than 300 euros for the occasion. Another change is that apparently two thirds plan on saving their money this year in comparison to 42 percent last year. Is it me or is the money they are getting crazy? I want to do mine again.

Girl wakes from coma, speaks German

After 24 hours in a coma, a Croatian girl woke up speaking only German, according to reports that spread across the Internet last week. The 13-year-old had been studying German in school and watching German television shows on her own, according to various versions of the story, but she was not fluent until after the incident. Meanwhile, she lost the ability to speak her native language. Experts have said the story is very probable and the girl must have bilingual aphasia. This is where different languages are stored in different parts of the brain and one centre gets damaged., (just think of Sun in Lost) Pretty crazy though all the same.

Weird headline: N. Dakota twin sisters ask twin brothers to prom

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Now some funny pics to finish off, enjoy.

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