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05/04/10 Viral vids, facts and quotes

Is a site that deals with all things music related. Its a great way to watch music videos and discover new music while supporting your favourite bands, because all artists featured on the site get a share of the revenue generated from advertising.
They have some really cool features like the Jukebox where you can search an artist create and save a playlist and then send it over facebook to friends, or some people use it for parties and the like. Best of all this is an Irish website which is hoping to take on all those big video sites out there like youtube.


5 second films was a concept back in 2005 by Brian Firenzi. What they do is make 5 seond films with 2 seconds for titles and 1 second for credits. They have hundreds of videos online and these are some of my favourites. Now remember its only 5 seconds so you have to pay attention and almost create a scenario around the story in your head.

First up is "Remote"

This ones called "remember the day before yesterday"

They're really funny. Theres an new one out every week day and at 5 seconds they don't waste much of your time.


Ok so this is from a youtuber called mysteryguitarman, who can make music out of anything or look like he is anyway, Still very cool. This is the start of one of his latest videos.

Thats suspiciously like the opening to Mgmt's time to pretend. That video has 1 million views. Infact his channel youtube.com/mysteryguitarman has over 600 thousand subscribers and 53 million views. He's one of the top consistant youtubers out there so check him out.


Everyone has heard th line "the customer is always right" well over at the site "notalwaysright.com they contradict this notion very convincingly. Its a website for anybody who has ever had the pleasure of working in retail, service or other public-facing jobs. To vent their rage by publicicing the stupidity from the public. Anybody can log on and post up there experiences here. Theres 1000's of entried there already and like any good site you can follow them on facebook and twitter.
Examples of some of the posts online include.

Customer: “Yeah, can I get extra butter?”

Coworker:: “Actually the butter is self-serve on the sides of concession. You can help yourself, ma’am.”


Coworker:: “Please don’t hurt me!”

Some of the examples on here are so ridiculous, if I was working in the store I'd swear I was on hidden camera

(A man walks into our crowded coffee shop and yells at the top of his lungs.)


Supervisor: “Oh no, it’s a robbery!” *begins to call security*

Man: “…on the DANCE FLOOR!”

(The man then “dances” up to the front, past shocked customers, grabs a bottle of water, and “dances” out of the store. Security nabs him outside the door.)

Its an addictive and neccessary website for anyone dealing with the public, plus it lets me put on voices.


If like me you pride yourself on knowing the randomess pieces
of cool, but useless information then you have to check out omg-facts.com. There are new interesting facts being out online constantly, you cn follow them on twitter to keep up.

So I asked Stephen did he know any of the following.

->A single human blood cell takes only 60 seconds to make a complete circuit of the body

->In many advertisements, people's clocks are set to 10:10.
so it looks like a smile

->Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

->Shakespeare wrote about one-tenth of the most quotable quotations

->24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

->The name "Stephen Byrne" is searched 4 million times an hour worldwide. Well strictly speaking thats completely made up, but the others are true so check it out. They're cool and random and make you look clever.

Facebook has 5 groups that are interesting

5. I've never actually seen someone slip on a banana peel!
(apart from in comics and cartoons)

4. greatest game ever: DON'T LET THE BALLOON TOUCH THE FLOOR
(I cannot touch a balloon without doing this, its universal)

3. that split second of fear when you lean back too far in your chair.
(luckily these chairs don't lean back)

2. "You're not invited to my birthday party" A classic childhood comeback
(well Stephen isn't anyway)

1. Naming your iPod "The Titanic" so it says "The Titanic is syncing."
(when synchronising with your computer)

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And for those of you who have read this far here are some good pics stolen from respective sites.

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