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A Guide to Facebook Groups and stuck-in-head-songs

Guide to Facebook groups.

Ok so hey. On the show I cover my beloved facebook groups. So after a while looking at the different ones out there and with my hatred of those "join to see the picture" ones in hand I went about trying to create a succesful one of my own. Now the problem with a group is that you have to decide how much of the world you want to be able to join it. If your group has something to do with your own town or county, then you know that you are limiting yourself.

1. So first things first pick something that at least the bulk of your country could relate to.
Not eg. "don't you just love Ballybackendofnowhere"

2. Nostalgia, people are nostalgic pick something from childhood.
"remember when you were 8", "join if you were once younger than you are now"

3. People like to think they're normal (most aren't) so choose something that everybody does
eg. "using the toilet" or "I hate queues"

4. Would you go to the effort of clicking "become a fan" if you saw this group?
Seriously, is it worthy of the extra energy required to click a mouse? For "Wind is cool"

5. If you join this group; will other people think something strange about you?eg. "Toe nail clippings", "Who needs shampoo??"

6. Punctuation, its a personal decision whether you go mad or mensa.
eg. "I love pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" or "ROFLOL giraffes xXx_!!???"

7. The randomer the better, if Seth Macfarlane has taught us anything its that people love random.
"Did you know 1+1=2" or "Birds might be able to fly but dogs can pick stuff up with their teeth"

[If you actually go to the effort of creating a group with one of my examples (why?); at least link to my blog in info.]

So I decided to use this knowledge to create some groups. I will admit though they havent been the most succesful but then again Yoda wasn't a great Jedi (dam he was). Ok so my groups haven't been that succesful heres a list of them with their creation date and current number of fans.

1. "Silencing alarms by any means possible"

This was my first group from way back in january. I will admit that I do only have 1 fan (me) But this was more of a tester group more than anything else. Although saying that, I wouldn't refuse a couple of fans at least.

"This is the real Barneys"

I know what your thinking (well maybe not exactly). But this group was set up with the intention of bad grammer (I swear). After coming across a million and one groups with bad grammer, that each had hundreds of thousands of fans; I thought why not have a go. At the moment I have around 300 fans so thats pretty good. Its only set up with about a month

If you are a grammer nazi and want to point out my own use of bad grammer in a segment about bad grammer plaease send a self addressed envelope to

William Shakespeare
Co. Kerry

So he might not be buried there, but he was rubbish at grammer too and I learned from him so.... the similarities between our writings are obviously uncanny. "To eat or not to eat?"

"That girl from the Barrys Tea ad is gone over a year now Search party?"

Probably my proudest moment in group creation history. You know the ad, the girls are off to Thailand and then around the world for a year and they are bringing tea with them. Now I don't know about you; but when I saw this ad I was expecting regular updates on her whereabouts so I could mark her route out on google maps and then stalk her incase our paths met. But no! Obviously the people in advertising felt that we hadn't made a connection with her, I had. After months of waiting I finally saw a Barrys ad coming on, this was going to be it, finally I'd know if she was alive, or had ended up in the back end of the outback somewhere living off of Kangaroos. To my utter dismay it was the same ad. Now I remember that first ad coming on TV somewhere around the 13th of Febuary 2009. March 2010 comes along and she's still "only going". I knew after witnessing this that a cover up must be taking place, but of what? My mind wandered what if this girl never actually existed? Could advertising just be a work of fiction? Do I NOT have wings after Red Bull? I set about contacting The agency who had displayed this documentary on our television screens. They claimed that she was just an actor and she never really went away. Thats when it finally dawned on me, all this time I had been mistaken, mislead and just misunderstood. This wasn't a cover up at all by Barrys. It was a cover up by a competing tea company! Obviously they didn't like how she was spreading the news of Barrys around the world. Were they paying her off? or had she been made dissappear? Which company could it be there is so many of them. The supermarket value brands were crossed off of my list straight away leaving but a few competitors. I had a main suspect though, it was their main competitors, a company which would be kept in the "Big Cat" enclosure at the Zoo (if spelt wrongly). I will not name them however for my investigation is still ongoing. I know one thing now though she is still alive. She is the "Wally" of the Tea industry and also their worst skeleton, when will she come out of that crypt like closet, no one knows. But she will eventually, because this group is on her tail. Thanks to some of the nearly 300 members so far, we have managed to asceratain that she is on the move, having been sighted in places from Bankok to the Bahamas, we will succeed. Even a picture of her has been discovered through our members hard work. You can help us too by joining the cause. Remember, next time the tea industry wants to document your travels for advertising purposes BE AWARE. Contact us, because we have plans to infiltrate their operation and blow this whole thing wide open.

(anything said or mentioned in the previous paragraph cannot be taken literally, especially to all of you tea execs out there)


Does anyyone else think that the commercials for this crowd manage to find some of the catchiest songs ou there. I mean anyone who's seen the ads over the last few years has thouught "all these highs and lows" song was made by Satan himself. Don't get me wrong, I love the song and when I'm on a mountain or near some of the many white water river kayakers its all I can think of. But thats just the problem. I couldn't get it out of my head. Now the band may have split up and reformed with different member but all I can thin of is "is that a high or a low" then again it doesn't really matter which it is because they live for both. The song came on the radio, all of a sudden I got the urge to go to the beaches of west Kerry, or the mountains of Mourne or somewhere away from popular civilisation whilst staying near people from cities and towns. Dear god that came across wrong, but you know what I mean, I'm even from one of these places where you get more tourists than locals there during the summer season.
Which brings me on to this years ad. Back in February I was at a gig and this bamd called "The Heathers" I thought they were good but like most gigs you go to you forget most of the who played what and how everything went down. But then I got a surprise I started hearing pieces of a song over and over in my head, you could say I remembered (sorry sad pun). So on to the interweb I went and started searching, I came across the song "Remember when", listened to it then forced everyone i lived with to listen to it too. Practically a few days later on comes the ad, I was shouting I was like look I told you its ridiculously catchy. Now its stuck in the same place as "highs and lows" and the song from 'Aladin' "I can show you the world, shining shimmering fences" I know its not fences but that would be a pretty amazing disney easter egg. If shining shimmering fences existed that would also be cool, but dazzling for animals, haha. Yes so to conclude this segment the moral of the story is. If uses your song then you have a pretty catchy song, Good for you!

Heathers - Remember When - Live At MUZU Studios on MUZU

April fools joke

So april fools day is gone and everyone has there different stories and rules. "ugh you can't do it after 12 in the day" well to you I say, what if your not up till afterwards, I prefer to optimise for the hours that I am awake, then bam 11.59 at night catch them. Google, this year, actualy fooled people with their "animal translator" some of the other good ones I saw involved statues of the Queen being erected in Cobh. But this year the piece de resistance, the creme of the crop or whatever you want to call it "a good one" came from the weather. Yep the weather had been planning its prank long before the rest of us. Throughout December and January it messed with our lives and broke bones (including the guy on the news) but this was all only a threat so that come April 1st it could snow. I saw it with my own eyes, snow on the mountains. To many it was like the first movements of a war as if at any moment it would run down the mountain and get us all! but it didn't. Like any good april fools prank its bite was worse than its bark. Oh I hope I'm not speaking too soon.

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As always, if your reading this (Mom) well done heres a few funnies as a reward.

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