Saturday, March 13, 2010

01/02/10 finally we got rid of "official winter"

Facebook top 5

5. My room isn’t messy its an obstacle course designed to keep me fit

4. I wonder how bebo is getting on

3. Dont you hate it when you die from not passing on chainmail

2. Overheard in (various places) eg. DIT, DCU, TCD, UCC, CIT

1. Procrastinators unite tomorrow is the largest comprehensive resource for alternative use strategies in the world by enabling site visitors to search, post, rank, and share ideas for extending the lifecycle of everyday products. It is an internet destination where consumers discover valuable reuse and recycle strategies

· The site also features a system which rates each alternative use submitted based on voting by registered site visitors. This enables a simple comparison of the functional value of a particular AltUse verses other AltUses. For example, an AltUse with a score of four stars is regarded as superior to an AltUse with a score of three stars.

· is the primary venue for the promotion of alternative uses for commercial products on the internet. And it empowers average citizens to feel like they’re making a difference in the battle against climate change. It also motivates the discovery of new and clever ways to save money.

· Using email, blogger, Facebook, to name a few technologies, site visitors can share their AltUses with friends.
For example the banana on this website; it lists 12 alternative uses for bananas. Like as a fertilizer, for treating insect bites and wart removal. One use they didn't have listed was in a novelty comedy video. Which Stephen managed to use it for in his video Banana Hands.
He wasn't the only one who made a Lady Gaga parody.
4 students from Rhode Island who make up Bink productions have made a video called badder romance. They have completely remade the Music video to Lady gagas bad romance using props from around their house. But this was actually tweeted by lady gaga herself. Its a complete remake of the video.

Is a site where you can download...... completely free software that allows you remote access to your computer. What this means is that when your on holidays of just out for the day you can use the iPhone app or another computer to log into your s and stream whatever important files you might need. But aswell as that it means you can stream live video feed from a webcam once its connected to your computer.

Heres another random pic I came across. You've probably seen it before but it's still funny.

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