Saturday, March 13, 2010

25/01/2010 Week the first for me,

This was my first day on the job and they day where I had to pretend to be calm.

Facebook top 5

5. It was 7am, I blinked, and it was 9am,

4. Lose Phone, Call phone, find phone..." ooh one missed call?"

3. I can't join your group because the grammar in the title is poor.

2. I was educated in a prefab.

1. Soccer stars for Haiti

This is basically a charity facebook group that was created to raise funds for Haiti. They want every professional footballer to give a days wages towards the relief fund. It all came from a news paper article written by Vincent Hogan of “The Irish Independent” already the German team has given 150,000euros, Diego Forlan has given a days wages and the beloved Thierry Henry has given 56,000 euros amongst others. There is huge interest in this group and they have over 16,000 members and growing

Twitter: First Tweet From Space
The most popular word of 2009 was ‘Twitter’ and on Saturday the very first Tweet direct from space was posted. Flight Engineer TJ Creamer posted from aboard Nasa Expedition 22 in the international space station. More than 20 thousand users followed creamer. Before they used to email their posts to ground control where they would be posted to accounts by the administrative team. They hope it will enhance crews time on long missions. NASA did make clear though that they would be under the same use guidelines as government officials on Earth.

First week down, change of plan for next week, more actual websites.

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