Saturday, March 13, 2010

08/03/10 Apparently 326 days till the years over

Facebook Top 5

5. Lets get Ireland to enter My Lovely Horse in the 2010 eurovision song cont

4. Forgetting what a text message said as your in the middle of replying

3. I bet this (pea/onionring/sausageroll/cucumber/Pickle) can get more fans than... (Miley Cyrus/justin bieber / Cheryl cole/Lady Gaga/Twilight) [onion ring has succeeded]

2. 63 Notifications Later and I regret Liking Your Status

1. Yes I'm from the island of Ireland, No I dont know your friend!

Has been around a long time, its created by a London based company called unruly media. On this website not only can you find out about what’s the latest in viral videos but you can track and see how their views change over time. Even if you look at the page now the videos that are rising in views will be the ones everyone will be talking about in a few weeks time. "Use it to get ahead in this present economy" (that is stolen from every advertising agency of the present).

This is a pretty random thing to do if your bored. As a child we all thought we could dig through the centre of the earth and end up in china. Well with this site you give your current location and it virtually does the digging to tell you where you would come out. If you do want to go to China you would have to start in Argentina. Now I did a very exact search for twotube studios but unfortunately Ireland ends up in the middle of the ocean south of New Zealand. So when you hear people say New Zealand is on the opposite side of the world you know they’re right.

("Qi" covered this a week later)

This is one of those things we’ve all heard about, If you play a song backwards you can find a hidden meaning. This site for backmasking features a number of these songs along with the supposed lyrics. One or two song s are completely understandable like Pink Floyd’s. But some more modern songs like paparazzi where Gaga apparently confesses her love of satan or the Weird Al song that mocks the whole notion of these backwards songs with his contribution.

Have I funny picture for this weeks well no, but I'm going to look through my collection now.

I found one here it's here, but not very funny so I'll wait till I have a better one, until next time, later.

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