Saturday, March 13, 2010

22/02/10 Only one link

On this faithful monday evening I had only one quick link at 6 o cloack because Dylan was at the Meteors after "The Simpsons"

A school in the US has been accused of spying on its students by remotely activating cameras built into their laptops. Harriton High School in suburban Philadelphia. Parents of one child have filed a lawsuit against the school. They say staff told them the camera on the school-issued laptop had caught their son doing something "inappropriate" at home.
One mother said "I just received an email from my daughter, who is very upset, saying 'Mum, I have that laptop open in my bedroom all the time, even when I'm changing'." Pupils say they are horrified at the thought that staff could look into their home life. They could see the green light go on. They have copped on and have started putting sticky-tape over the camera lens. The school district says it will fight the lawsuit. It says cameras were only ever activated to track its 2,300 laptops only if they were reported missing, lost or stolen.

'Dead' woman comes back to life
A woman pronounced dead by doctors in Colombia has been rushed back to the hospital after a funeral home worker saw her move while preparing her body. Noelia Serna was admitted to a Cali hospital on Monday after suffering a heart attack and was on life support before doctors declared her dead.
Speaking from the hospital, Dr Miguel Angel Saavedra said the 45-year-old showed no vital signs: "The electronic devices that she was connected to showed that there was no heartbeat nor arterial tension. Because of that, the respiratory therapist performed a test when she removed the respirator and the patient could not breathe on her own. Sadly she was declared deceased."
Funeral home worker Jaime Aullon told reporters: "I stopped the process. And as soon as I stopped I started looking at her whole body and I noticed her midsection moving. I placed my hand here (pointing to his nose and mouth) and I felt her breathing. I told my partner that she should go back to hospital because she is alive."
It is being speculated that it could be a case of what is known as Lazarus Syndrome, a rare condition where heart rate and breathing drop below measurable levels before returning.

I have a facebook group that points out something a lot of guys are thinking and that is .
Ashley Cole, are you stupid!!?? Have you seen how hot your wife is?!?

Weird headline:
Former mayor receives two year sentence for underwear theft in England

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