Sunday, March 14, 2010

08/03/10 legends, preconceptions, comics and anonymity
This is the ultimate urban legends reference page. If you've heard of a legend then its probably here and if not then you can send it to them and they'll investigate. Snopes has a huge collection of myths from around the world from ones associated with disney to "cokelore" the massive array of stories based around coke. Not only is there legends on the site but the also have a huge array of photos that you may have seen in the past and questioned if they were real or not. they have them and a scale of how accurate each rumour is, with some stories unanswerable like, "Is Friday the 13th fraught with peril" Some stories here can put your mind at ease like "Chewing gum takes 7 years to pass through the digestive system"

When you're using a search engine like google, after typing the first few letters or words of what your searching; predictions will come up with what they think you might be looking for. Sometimes some fairly strange suggestions come up and this website is dedicated to tracking them all down and posting images off them there. Now I've tried some of these myself and they do work. One is "donkeys are" and it suggests "donkeys are aliens" or "they aren't monkeys" as if people actually sit down at their computers and have nothing else on there mind that things like these become top results. Another one is if you type "imagine a s" it pops up "imagine a spherical cow" and the amazing thing is that it has over 5000 results for it.

This is a website that a friend of mine was telling me to check out for ages and when I eventually did I just laughed. What it has is a load of comics drawn by "the oatmeal" about completely random views on life that he has as well as quizzes and micelanious other features. Some of the comics featured include "five reasons pigs are more awesome than you" and "How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you" As wll as a brilliant assesment of social networking in "How to suck at facebook"


A new site that can be linked to facebook is this is where you set up anaccount and people get to ask you questions anonymously. You can choose whether or not you want to answer them but remember all answers are public so this one is only for the brave out there.

4. you

3. Sitting Forward Wen Losing On Fifa & Saying "Im Going To Start Playing Now"

2. my bluetack sticks all my things to da wall and im like you better not fall

1. I was a rebel when the Bob the Builder song came on and I said No He Cant!

Crazy time because all of celebrity world is oscar mad. They're on tonight on RTÉ2 at 9 o clock. But I'm going to ruin the surprise now. Its an insane event that goes on for hours upon hours and last night it had Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin at the helm. They were brilliant, with some people thinking they should go on tour together. Ben Stiller even dressed up as a Na'vi from Avatar. When it got down to the awards though there were some expected results. Everyones banker Jeff Bridges won best actor for "Crazy Heart" and Sandra Bullock picked up the best actress gong for "The Blind Side" they're both long time actors and first time winners however Bullock did beat off Sidibe from "Precious" to some peoples amazement. The epic battle of Na'vi proportions that has been going on all year between James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow (I pronounced it wrong it is not beejlow) over "Avatar" and "The Hurt Locker" seemed to be over when Bigelow won best director and it was as it went on to take the "Best film award too" ending up with 6 in total while avatar took 3.

Our talented representitives there like "Granny O Grimm" got beaten in the short animated film category while "Secret of Kells" got edged out by "Up" However Richard Baneham was on the avatar Avatar visual effects team so he's sharing an oscar.

The oscars wasn't the only awards on over the weekend though as the 30th annual Razzies took place. These are given to the worst achievements and the dis-honorees as they are known. Bullock also took away two awards here for her part in "All about Steve." While all three Jonas Brothers got worst male actors in a film where they play themselves. "Transformers 2" was the big winner or loser here though with it taking worst film and director for Michael Bay aswell as screenplay. Eddie Murphy and Paris Hilton took away worst actors of the decade awards.

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Grandma dares rapids for 90th birthday