Saturday, March 13, 2010

15/02/10 Weird news

Pope Benedict XVI is after being nominated for a Classical Brit award for the album alma mater – music from the Vatican and he’s up against the priests who also feature on the album. As well as reality TV stars Faryl Smith off of Britains got Talent and Rhydian Roberts of the X factor. That’ll be in May.

Kesha too poor to eat. Kesha used to sell her clothes to buy food. The 'Tik Tok' singer had a poor upbringing which she said helps her keep her feet on the ground now she has an international hit single. She says she is the same person "I was when I was selling clothes to buy a taco for dinner, I just have a few extra bucks." Kesha also said that when she got her first pay packet after becoming famous, she didn't splash out on any lavish or expensive gifts for herself. She added: "I bought a 1998 Honda car, which I needed." This all adds up for good PR for her though as shes been getting a bit of bad press for what kind of a rolemodel she is.

Hypocritical Madonna Twice-divorcee pop star Madonna will take on a new profession -- marriage referee -- when she makes a television appearance on an upcoming show from comedian Jerry Seinfeld about feuding couples. She divorced her British movie director husband Guy Ritchie in 2008, She also split from actor Sean Penn in the 90’s, yet will be one of a panel of celebrities on "The Marriage Ref" who will decide which spouse should be declared "winner" of a domestic spat filmed in their own homes. A load of celebs are lined up for this including Ricky Gervais and American Larry David Actors Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, and "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria are also among those expected to make up the rotating celebrity panel on "The Marriage Ref", .

A farmer in Russia's Far East has been handed a suspended prison sentence for planting explosives in his field to keep potato thieves away. 73-year-old Alexander Skopintsev made three tripwire-tethered explosives loaded with salt to ward off trespassers after several spud-snatchings last year. A neighbor suffered a lip injury after triggering one of the devices at the farm. The news agency says he pleaded guilty to the illegal storage and production of explosives, but after all that said he was the neighbours fault for coming onto his land.

A 14-year-old girl from the Isle of Man is off out to Japan since Friday, to promote her debut album which has brought her hundreds of thousands of fans. Rebecca Flint, who goes under the name of Beckii Cruel, acquired her fan base after putting her dance act on YouTube and becoming a star. She has been watched by millions as she dances to Japanese pop music - J-pop - and the theme tunes of anime cartoon shows. She dresses up as her favourite anime or manga character. The characters have big eyes, small faces, big hair and slender limbs, and Rebecca in her alter ego as Beckii Cruel fits the bill perfectly. Its freaky how much like the character she looks. She has performed live in Tokyo and her web page is the second most subscribed among Japan's music scene. Her album is expected to go straight into the Number One slot in the charts after its release.

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The Jamaican bobsleigh team from 1988 the guys who inspired cool runnings.

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