Sunday, March 14, 2010

01/03/10 March finally. more internet and random stuff.

On this site you can get cool anagrams of your name or anything where they jumble up the letters to make new words. What makes this good is that they have loads of examples of them like. Some of them are almost freaky. “the eyes= they see” “debit card= bad credit” “Clint Eastwood= Old west action” “William Shakespeare= I’ll make a wise phrase”. A less impressive one would be “pickle” which comes out as pelick.


Here you can download a software that lets you attack your desktop, so if your getting frustrated with what your doing or have a picture of someone you aren’t the fondest of, or even a website you can use this to destroy them in non permanent way. Here . This video shows it in action on the twotube site. Where I got to, attack it with meteors as well as committing the crime, of shaving Stephens hair off.

A very handy site if you ever wake up and have no connection to the outside world or news you can check this site and it will tell you if there is a Zombie apocalypse. At the moment it says “NO” is after announcing a list of the most unfortunate names in Britain which include “Hazel Nutt”, ”Barry Cade “, “Chris Cross” and “Paige Turner” as well as some from America like “Carrie Oakey” and “Bill Board” I’m not going to say anything about how funny these names might seem in case there’s “Anette Curtain” out there.

This week facebook has been annoying me and most of its users; with groups that you have to become a fan of, to see what they are about. Groups have been set up out of pure hatred for the evil groups so I just want to give them a mention.

4. I Hate That Little Triangle That The Windshield Wipers Don't Wash

3. The worst thing about sunday is knowing tomorrow is monday.
(not too happy about this Twotube should make every monday great, haha.)

2 Why learn algebra? Finding X is only useful if you're a pirate!

1.  For a CRAZY adrenaline rush try having after eights at about half sevenish.

Everyone’s favourite doctor Hugh Laurie is set to appear on Meatloaf’s newest album. After Meatloaf was a guest star on House he said that he’d love to work it Laurie again. So he got him to play piano for his latest album. Hugh is a keen musician because he plays drums harmonica and saxophone. Not only that but he fronts a band called “Band from TV” this really is a band made up of some of tvs biggest stars. With Scott Grimes from ER and American Dad as well as James Denton AKA Mike Delphino from desperate housewives. And a few others from big American shows. They money they raise goes to different charities.

Apparently Ben Stiller
is working on a sequel to one of my favourite films ever, “Zoolander” the film where he plays the “really really ridiculously good looking” male model Derek Zoolander. Now its been reported that that he is working on it along with his co star Justin Theroux, who wrote “Tropic Thunder” and “Iron Man 2” who is going to direct it. No one knows yet whether Owen Wilson will be back yet or not to play Hansel the arch enemy in the film; or if there will be as many celebrity cameo appearances as last time. All I know is good or bad I have to see it. I’m having to stop myself listing a load of quotes.

Simon Cowell
is allegedly after getting engaged to [insert hard to pronounce name here (Mish-gone apparently)] Hussainy, the chief makeup artist on American Idol. The source of this is mainly speculation due to the enormous ring on stone on her finger. All the Britains Got Talent Personalities are saying he is a completely different person this season and is after getting less cattier and become nicer to contestants and judges alike. This is all happening amongst stories of Cowell recommending Cheryl Cole or maybe Tweedy now to split for her spouse.

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