Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From the train

Pre-apologies to anybody reading this

To decipher anything below you should know everything in brackets is my brain questioning and critisising what I say, (why'd i write that I'm sure its understandable)

I mentioned on mondays show that my laptop had crashed recently and I'd had lost everything. Well its worse than that because now I'm on a train and its useless. Normally watching videos or doing work passes away the near 3 hours of sitting down to cork, but not today. I thought after rebooting everything would be fine again but I HAVE NO DRIVER! these are those invisible things that come with every bought laptop, I though " oh sure how bad can it be without a few of those things" the answer is very. Firstly I cant use Usb sticks no ability to transfer files whatsoever, secondly I'm not able to upload pics from my sd card which is a pain, and worst of all I have lost nearly every program except for the basics and Windows media player doesn't come standard with the ability to play DVDs I mean what are they at, Its nearly 10 years since DVDs became the standard for video playback, I wouldn't expect to buy a vcr and have to go online and take forever downloading something that makes it able to read tape. Why isn't it standard. I thought I was being very smart even up to a couple of minutes ago (I'm on the train) when I decided to bring 'Pulp Fiction' along with me. A dvd will have to work, well it doesn't. Now I don't want to admit defeat and actually go to a computer repair place or get it done professionaly, (I reckon thats just out of pure stubborness) But I am after downloading two different automatic driver repairer programs aswell as countless attempts at getting driver off of the HP website itself, Oh ya its HP (heap of poop) Ok so I could have probably come up with something better than that but thats what it has become. All this backing up talk reminds me I should save this before it crashes again.------Job saved now to continue with my rant. "Why why why???" I find myself asking it everyday now. But no matter how long I plea with it, she just refuses to work, (Woah my first time giving my laptop a gender). Anyway that rant didn't solve anything and I feel like I'm waiting on the "death row" of slowness just waiting for the bluescreen of death.

The worst thing about this post is that I won't be posting it till I get home and will have calmed down by then, I'll have to restrain myself from editing relentlessly, (My old english teacher wouldn't be too happy with this)

Sooo the show and stuff, we finally managed to put up an episode on youtube for all of Stephens crazy fans and it has something like 1500 hits so far, (If you are one of these individuals then I appologise because you are one of my few readers at the moment), which I have got to say I'm taking half credit for even though evidently the only views there to see me were the 3 different times I narcasistically looked at myself on it. I'm not going to deny it I do try and watch every weeks episode afterwards, but in my defence "Its to learn from my mistakes" ya right I just want to see myself on telly. But who wouldn't, you always hear of people going "I never watch myself" like Johnny Depp, because me and Johnny are so similar(thats right first name terms) haha I wish.

RANDOM train thought #1: If you are ever getting the dublin to cork train, never get the 5 o clock, its very crowded.I like the six none of the hassle and always a free plug socket.

RANDOM train thought #2: Dont fall asleep on the train with other people around you will either be ridiculed or when you wake up you will be surrounded (true story)

RANDOM train thought #3: Call your random train thoughts your "thought of train", haha like "train of thought" get it? (sorry thats sad)

RANDOM train thought #4: The automatic doors between carraiges aren't always very automatic, I wouldn't advise running at them

RANDOM train thought #5: Its 147 steps from where I'm sitting to the food carraige, think ahead!

Anyone who has seen the show and reads this (I dont think there is many/any) will think I am obsessed with the number five and lists containing 5 entries, well I think its all sub-conscience from when I was younger, I used listen to a show that had a "Late and live top 5" every night, I only just realised this the other day. Still nothing wrong with lists of five, everyone has lists of 5 or 3 its like some insane obsession with prime numbers I never heard of a list containing 104,729
 entries before (look it up, its prime, I'm such a geek!)

Getting back to the whole 'death of a laptop thing' I'm actually writing this on "WordPad" now its not great but it does, infact I think its a very underrated program,

Which reminds me, (somehow, how does that remind me?)
Corresepondance with television shows. It can be both good and bad, on "Twotube" you can upload vlogs of your opinions about the music thats reviewed, On "Red" they get loads of fanmail (like sweets and stuff, seriously hmmm Twotube could do with that) on "Family Guy" they get complaints and lots of them. Now I'm a fan and I've seen some extremely offensive things on the show, depending on your views, But this clip below has gotten the most complaints in television history, 188,000. The worst thing is, its no where near the worst I've seen. Anyway enjoy it, (i said this at breakfast the other day, it had the same reaction)

So a lot of people online (well a few, at least one) have been asking if guys have to have strange hair to go on twotube. The simple answer is yes. I used have a tight hair cut, Dylan had black hair and Stephen and Dara were bald in their early teens. Mike on the other hand had dread locks.
Of course its not a prerequisite, But yes I have noticed the selection of hair styles around. On the plus its nice that I am the normal one for once. Ya well thats about it on the topic, Just to clarify anything in that paragraph before this can not be taken with any certainty. Infact I just made it up now.

This train trip is really giving me too much time and I know that about only 10% of people (whats 10 percent of 5?) will get past the first sentence. So for those of you who have well done and I reward you with this important message.

Good night safe home and follow my twitter _ilikeshorts.

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